Miss Mindy - Disney Showcase Collection Mickey Series 1

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Miss Mindy in Wonderland! In his first sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse makes his official debut and begins his unforgettable journey to worldwide fame. The classic cartoon was the catalyst to the immense success of Walt Disney and his following animated characters, who remain beloved pop culture icons and household names. Mickey's legacy was eternally established when Walt Disney declared, "I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing — that it was all started by a mouse."

So is true with The World of Miss Mindy's Designer Vinyl Collection. Her whimsical rendition, the optimistic mouse is reimagined in wonderful detail. With a playful wink, he whistles a catchy tune illustrated with a music note that floats by his cheek. The loveable Disney mascot dons a spotted blue bowtie and striped suspenders. His long, curling tail acts as a tripod that keeps him upright and ready to display. Mickey comes with a marvelous mini of his loyal dog, Pluto, who listens intently to his best friend's tune with one ear perked up and music notes adorning the back of his head. This Disney The World of Miss Mindy Mickey Mouse Vinyl Figure is a must have for Disney fans! Measures about 7 1/10-inches tall x 5 2/5-inches long x 3 1/4-inches wide.


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